The working time for the contractors inside the building is from:

Monday – Saturday / Thứ 2 – thứ 7

8:00 AM – 12:00 NOON & 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

In some special cases require working on Sunday, the contractor must get approval from the Management

Items brought into the compound must be declared at the security post in writing. If they are not declared at the gate, the staff will not be permitted to bring out these items.

The staffs are required to surrender their identity cards to the security staff at the office in exchange for the security passes to the compound.

The building’s security pass must be worn at all times while in the property. The pass must be surrendered back to the security office at the end of the day.

Should the Contractor lose the pass there will be a penalty .

Any of the contractor’s staff that is not wearing the security pass will be evicted from the compound.

The workers are requested not to loiter on the property floors other than the work area.

The fire doors to the office and in the common areas must be kept closed at all times.

Should not switch on the lights in the property while working unless necessary.

Do not switch on the fan or air conditioner while working in the property.

No sleeping is permitted at the common areas.

Smoking is only permitted at outside the compound.

Do not talk in a loud voice when in the compound.

All garbage is to be disposed into the bins that are located next to the staff entrance

The workers must be properly attired at all times when inside the property.

Proper shoes must be worn at all times. For safety reasons slippers, should not be worn at construction site.

Under garments (shorts) or sleeveless shirts are not permitted.

Staff Canteen

The canteen is located on the (ground) floor along the staff entrance.

Staffs are not permitted to eat in the building except in the canteen located on the (ground) floor of the building.

Persons that are using the canteen are requested to abide by the Canteen Rules & Regulations.

Although the contractor is obligated to dispose of the construction debris, the debris is to be temporary placed along the garbage room, which is located next to the staff entrance.

All debris must be cleared from the work area at the end of the day.

Electrical equipment must be properly earthed and connected to plug to avoid short circuit and electrocution.

Tools & work equipments must be arranged in order to avoid any accidents.

Use staff toilets/wash room on the floor where the contractors are working.

The staffs are required to use the staff entrance and exits that is facing the high way when entering and leaving the compound.

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