Fire in Building


Department in charge – Security

Person In-Charge – Security Shift Leader


Smoke detectors or sprinklers go off.

Identify location. In FCC Room

If there is smoke coming from the apartment, we should quickly identify the apartment number. This can also be done from the ground floor.

When going up to investigate we should bring along the key and the walkie talkie to the apartment.

Person responsible to check the apartment – person assigned to patrol the compound and Receptionist.

Before entering the apartment knock on the door and identify yourself.

Check the location of the smoke. Open the windows and doors to permit the smoke to escape.

Raise the alarm

Check if there are occupants in the apartment.

If there is a fire, identify the type of fire.


Oil – do not use water

Electrical – (do not use water), immediately turn off the main switch

Try to extinguish the fire with hand held extinguishers if possible – Security Staff

Evacuate the apartment and the other apartments on the same floor – Night Receptionist.

Use PA system to inform all in-house tenants to evacuate by staircases if the fire is out of control.


Check if any tenant/staff is stuck in the property/ apartment to assist in evacuation.


Fire Control Centre

The Fire Control Centre will be Post A (Main Gate).

The person in-charge will be the Shift Leader.

Once the alarm has been raised, the Security staff on the ground floor should switch off the main gas valve. The valve is located at the entrance to the gas storage area (Building next to the apartment) in the black box.

Call local Ambulance.

Call Fire Department

Only call the fire department when you are ordered by the fire marshal or/ person in charge.

Inform the person whom you speak to the following information;

Your name and the property name

Property addresses and telephone number/ cell phone number of person in charge.

Type of fire and the location of fire

You must take note the following information;

Name of the person that you inform

Time of informing

Estimated arrival time if possible

In the mean time, inform Quang Trung security guards to open the gate barrier so that it will not block the access of the fire brigade.

The following persons should also be informed:

Property Manager


General Director

The staff must not leave the post for the following reasons:

Direct the fire personnel to the site when they arrive.

To prevent non personnel from entering the compound.


Prevent looting.

Clear any obstacle that may hinder the fire brigade from accessing.

Roll Call:

The staff at the Fire Control Centre will need to take an attendance of the tenants

This is to ensure that the tenants have evacuated from the apartments.

When this has been done we need to compare this with the tenants list.

Answering to Press

Staffs are not permitted to answer any question posted by reporter/journalist or correspondent.

In the event that you are asked by the Press, refer them to the Property Manager/ Director/ General Director or the assigned person.

Do not disclose any information to non personnel.


The gathering point for the tenants will be at the Main Gate.

Note – the sprinklers are located in the arcade, staircase and car park.

This Guide Line is written on the assumption that the incident is happening between 6:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

There should also be one 1st Aid Box on stand by.

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